Tired of the Shoes Try Best Running insoles for Shin Splints

This condition sounds minor, but it isn’t. If you have ever suffered or are tired of the pain of shin splints, you must be aware of how painful it can be. The shins are not only sore but also take quite some time to heal. You should take shin splints seriously as they can prevent you from doing your activities and even affect your movement. 

However, with certain precautions and preventive measures, you not only can avoid shin splints, but if you experience any, you can speed up the healing process and lessen the time. 

There are so many things that you can use to prevent shin splints, and one such thing is insoles. The running insoles are used for comfort as well as the shin splints and also provide support. 

You will find a massive variety of insoles with different features and specifications. It is challenging to decide and pick the best running insoles for shin splints with so many options available.

 Causes and Symptoms


Shin splints are painful and take time to heal. The majority will experience the following symptoms.

  • Tenderness
  • Pain that occurs in the inner side of the shin bone
  • Soreness
  • Swelling in the lower leg
  • Displacement of the shin bone

The usual and common causes can be: 

  • You were pushing your body more than it can manage. For example, if you cover more running distance than your capacity, especially on terrains, you are at a high risk of having shin splints.
  • Running in different climates and altitudes also causes this injury.
  • The primary reason is choosing to wear the wrong shoes. If your shoes do not support your feet and do not have much cushioning, you might get shin splints, which can lead to more severe problems such as heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, and more. 

Do Insoles help with shin splints?

We already know that insoles prevent shin splints and other injuries but not all insoles serve the same purpose. That is why before you buy insoles, do proper research according to your requirements so that you can get the right one. 

If you are looking for insoles for shin splints, then you should go for the ones that are:

  • It properly fits your feet. The best insoles for shin splints have to be matchable for the shape of your feet. They will provide stable support across your arch of the foot.
  • It would help if you had shoe inserts for shin splints that provide constant support to your feet. Some soft insoles give temporary soothe to the feet, but in the long run, they are not beneficial, especially when you do a lot of dancing and running on hard surfaces. Cushy shoe inserts do not deliver the support to your arches and heels that could protect you from shin splints.
  • The best inserts for shin splints are the ones having deep heel cups. Deep heel cups absorb the shock effectively and also offer stability to your feet, and improve balance. 

Do everything that can help you prevent and treat shin splints because it is not wise to give up on what you love to do because of injury or any problem. 

Features of Good Insoles for Shin Splints

The best running insoles will help you prevent shin splints during running and curtail the chances of sustaining an injury while running. 

There are numerous features and specifications that must not be ignored or be considered for the best running insoles that prevent shin splints.


Thickness plays a vital role. The thick the shoe inserts are, the more they will absorb the shock. The best inserts are the ones that are made from foam and light in weight. 

Shock Absorption: 

Another feature of a good insole is shock absorption. When you run, your feet tolerate a lot of shock because of the high impact force your feet hit the ground. The shock absorbers protect your feet from direct pressure from the ground. The shoe inserts that are made with synthetic padding or layers are sound shock absorbers. 

Adaptive Arch technology: 

Adaptive arch technology means that no matter what shape your feet have, the insoles with adaptive arch technology will adjust according to your feet condition from flat feet to high arches. As we all have different types of feet, your feet will function perfectly with adaptive arch technology. 

If you are looking for shoe insoles that can prevent injuries incurred due to running, predominantly shin splints, you should consider the above-mentioned features. The shoe inserts with these features will be perfect for preventing and minimizing injuries while running and exercising. 

Best Running Insoles for Shin Splints

It is challenging to move around with shin splints. But thankfully, there are some remedies and preventive steps that can reduce and relieve the pain. Many things can help with shin splints, and one such thing is running insoles. 

When you use insoles in your shoes, you do not have to change your shoes; you do not need to do home remedies such as icing for shin splints because insoles are there to prevent the shin splints. There are very few to no chances that you can experience any pain when you use insoles. 

Running insoles help you to keep your feet in alignment. The insoles only give comfort to your feet during walking or running but also benefit your shins, knees, and thighs. 

As we have discussed the features of the best running insoles for shin splints, we will list some running insoles to help you choose the best one from our list. 

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  • Available in three arch profiles (low, medium, high)
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  • Best for moisture reductions
  • Best for arch support
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  • Ideal cushioning insole.
  • Available in multi-colors.
  • Helpful to prevent pain from runner’s knee, shin splints, and plantar fasciitis.

Let’s have a look at their features in detail:

1. CURREX RUN PRO-World’s leading insoles for Running Shoes

best running insoles for shin splints

Insoles from Currex Runpro come with excellent cushioning, give great support, and superb performance. Currenex insoles not only provide comfort but also provide relief in foot pressure. 

These insoles are specifically designed to reduce injuries and relieve pain from plantar fasciitis. You can use Currex Runpro insoles in all types of shoes because they have a removable liner. We can say that they are customized for every foot. These insoles provide comfort and give stability, lessen foot fatigue, and provide rebound push. They are fragile so do not add height to your shoes. The shoes are present in different colors available such as Blue, orange, and red. 

currex insole for running

It will not be wrong to say that Currex Runpro is the best insoles for running.


Insole typeHeel cup
SizeXL: 11-12.5 men/12.5-14 women
Colouravailable in different colors
MaterialUrethane foam

2. FORM Premium Insoles

best insole for shin splints

FORM’s Premium insoles give the maximum support while walking and running. They have by choice the high arch support and extra cushioning to have a comfortable experience. Either case as well, whether you are walking, running, working out, or dealing with an injury. 

Form insoles are made of 80 percent EVA foam, 19 percent of polyurethane, and 1 percent of polyester. Form insoles are always with rubber soles. 

Form Premium insoles for both genders are designed to give the customers shock-absorbing comfort and support to the arch. The anti-fatigue insoles are perfect for walking, running, and exercising comfortably. These are made of high-quality material that gives you more stabilization and better positioning of your feet. The temper weave makes the top layer fabric reduce the moisture and odor. 


Insole type High arch
SizeMen’s 9-9.5, women’s 10.5-11
BrandForm Premium insoles

3. Dr. Scholl’s Sport Insoles

insole for shin splints

Dr. School’s insoles are one of the best available choices in the market. Deep heel cup, foot padding, and arch support reduce the pain, increase the shock absorption, and promote the proper running form, and all these things collectively mitigate the risk of injury. 

These insoles are for people who are involved in sports and athletic activities. In such actions, people mostly feel muscle fatigue in their feet and legs. It is also designed with massaging gel technology, which reduces the stress on the body and joints, and its flexible arch shell provides support and stability. 

Dr. Scholl’s sports insoles also reduce the pain associated with shin splints and plantar fasciitis. 


Insole type Arch support insole
Size1 Count (Pack of 1)
BrandDr. Scholl’s

4. Superfeet BERRY Women’s Insoles

best inserts for shin splints

Superfeet Berry women’s insoles are specifically designed for women who have trouble with unisex insoles. They have a narrow heel cup to keep the foot in place; also, they have slimmer heels and women-specific arch length. 

As these are made of high-quality material, the foam forefoot provides extra shock absorption and enduring comfort. With these insoles, you can run on hard and uneven surfaces efficiently. The coating is natural organic that inhibits bacterial growth, which keeps your foot fresh and odor-free. Superfeet insoles are also perfect for shin splints because of their extra cushioning. 


Insole typeHeel cup
SizeXL: 11-12.5 men/12.5-14 women
Colouravailable in different colors
MaterialUrethane foam

5. Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx Arch Support Insoles, Over Pronation Relief Shoe Inserts, Orthotic Insoles Men, and Women

best orthotics for shin splints

Powerstep insoles have a solid but flexible shell that helps to support the feet and provide stability. These insoles are best for overpronators. 

The shock-absorbing cushioning in the heels is specially designed to reduce stress and make feet comfortable. 

Your feet will be fresh and odor-free even after hours of use because of antimicrobial and resilient mesh outer fabric. This fabric also keeps the feet dry and reduces the risk of blisters.


Insole type  Arch support insole
SizeMen’s 7-7.5/women’s 9-9.5

 6. Spenco Polysorb Cross Trainer Athletic Cushioning Arch Support Shoe Insoles

shock absorbing insoles for shin splints

Spenco polysorbate is designed for people who have medium and low arches. These are best for people with flat feet. 

These are perfect for running and other high-impact activities that cause stress on your joints and legs. They are ideal for high-impact activities because they have a soft Eva forefoot cushion that provides exceptional shock absorption. 

These are available in different sizes for men and women. The antimicrobial material helps to prevent blisters and odor.


Insole type  Arch support insole
Women’s9-10.5/men’s 8-9.5

7. Superfeet Unisex-Adult Green Professional-Grade High Arch Orthotic Shoe Inserts

superfeet insoles for shin splints

The Superfeet Green offers great orthotic support and comfort to the feet. The performance of these insoles is also excellent. 

The Superfeet insoles are made of the full length and width of your shoes. These are made to give them maximum support. The stabilizer cap is on the top and is there to support the rearfoot and provide additional structure and stability to the foam layer.

The high-density foam is used to cushion the foot for long-lasting and durable comfort. Its deep heel cup is there for heel pain and helps with shock absorption. It also stabilizes the foot, which reduces the stress on the ankles, knees, and legs.


Insole type  Arch support insole
Size5-5.7 Men/6.5-8 Women
Material Closed-cell foam and nylon

 8. Samurai Insoles Ninjas Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support Shoe Inserts

best women insole for shin splints

Ninja’s plantar insoles are lightweight and slim design that fits in your shoes and feet comfortably. You can use them on the original insoles easily without any cutting or trimming. 

Top podiatrists design the Ninjas Plantar shoe inserts. These insoles provide the proper support, stability, and comfort to your feet. They are specially designed to avoid shin splints, plantar fasciitis, and other foot injuries. These are the best shoe inserts for shin splints. 

The arch support helps your feet to feel comfortable. There are different sizes available for men and women, and the best thing is that they give you a 60-day money-back guarantee if you do not like the product or find any issues.


Insole type  Arch support insole
SizeWomen 6-6.5/Men 4-4.5
BrandSamurai Insoles
MaterialArch support insole

9. Physix Gear Sport Full-Length Orthotic Inserts with Arch Support 

best shoe inserts for shin splints

Physix Gear is the best insoles for plantar fasciitis, flat feet, sore foot, and heel spurs. The high-quality material is used in the making, and the insoles give the arch support. You will get many more functions with Physix Gear sport inserts. 

These insoles are comfortable, durable, and safe because of their high-quality material. Physix Gear inserts are perfect for foot conditions like shin splints, plantar fasciitis, and flat feet. They also provide stability to the knees while running. 

The deep heels provide stability while walking and exercising. The design is unique and ultra-thin, which makes it possible to fit inside any shoe. The highlight of Physix Gear Sport Full-Length Orthotic Inserts is that they deal with any type of foot pain and discomfort. With non-slip heels, the insoles will be in place throughout the day. 

These are available in different sizes for men and women.


Insole typeArch support insole
SizeXS-US Men 3-4.5/Women 5-6.5
BrandPhysix Gear Sport
MaterialPU material

10. Happy step Plantar Fasciitis Orthotics Memory Foam Insoles Shoe Inserts

shock absorbing insoles for shin splints

The best quality of Happystep shoe inserts is that they have the softest cushioning, which offers extra comfort and relaxation to your feet. 

The high-density memory foam is used to make insoles that guarantee the comfort and stability of your feet. You do not feel any pain and pressure in your feet whether you walk, run, or stand throughout the day. 

They are available in a variety of sizes from small to large, both for men and women.

If you are looking for extra comfort, you should go for Happystep shoe inserts. 


Insole type Arch support insole
SizeMen -8/Women 7-9
BrandHappy step
MaterialMemory PU Foam

 The materials for Running insoles

There are different materials used in the making of running insoles. Some materials that are used are

Carbon fiber

All these materials deliver comfit and support to the lower legs during running. The best materials are used for insoles because the goal of insoles is to contribute to support and comfort during exercise, running, and walking. Also, some inserts prevent injuries and increase shock absorption. 

Running insoles are generally also used after the injury for more support and comfort.

 How to choose the best pair of running insoles?

Choosing the shoe inserts can be difficult when you do not know why you are buying them and the purpose of these insoles. 

If you are looking for shoe inserts because you are feeling pain and discomfort in your feet, the first thing you should do is visit a doctor. The doctor will do the examination and give you expert advice. Also, you should go for the gait analysis that will help you to determine your foot style.

If you already know your problems, for example, you know that you are suffering from shin splints or plantar fasciitis, then choosing the running insole is easy. You can go through our list of insoles above and select the one that best fits your requirements.

 Want to buy running insoles? Things to look for

You should consider the following things before or during buying running insoles


The first thing to consider before buying is the purpose of why you need them. You should also know about your problem or issue for which you are buying the insoles. For example, you will need firm arch support inserts if you have flat feet or plantar fasciitis. If you are suffering from shin splints, then you need insoles with a lot of cushioning. 

Knowing the purpose is very important because you will get the suitable ones that will solve your problem. 


You should go for the ones that provide support to your feet and are comfortable. Insoles with firm backing will protect you from any injury.


Always look for the ones with multiple arch heights to give you a custom fit. 


Insoles that are having ample cushioning will be more comfortable and will absorb the shock more. Cushioning also offers a lot of support. It is cushioning that helps to minimize injuries, especially shin splints.

Concluding Thoughts

Shin splint is a painful condition caused by different things like overexertion and wearing the wrong shoes. It is a common injury in the running community. However, you can prevent this effect. There are so many ways to prevent shin splints, and one such is to use insoles in your best running shoes for shin splints. Running insoles are inexpensive, and you can change them according to your feet’ comfort. 

We have listed some best running insoles for shin splints in this article that are useful to prevent injury during running by providing comfort and support.  

We hope that you find this article helpful and informative. 

FAQsFrequently Asked Questions

Insoles provide comfort while running because they increase support and cushioning. It means that there are different types of insoles for other runners. Some insoles are designed for those runners who overpronate. Some are designed for those with plantar fasciitis, and some are for flat feet. 

Yes, insoles are suitable for running as running insoles increase cushioning and support in running shoes.

The insoles should be comfortable when they are used for the first time. However, you will feel some adjustment as your foot is placed in different positions. However, you should not feel any feeling when you use it for the first time. If you feel pain, it means this is not the correct insole for you, and you should consider changing it. 

 The healing time depends on the injury and person. But they can take time from two to four weeks and sometimes three to six months. However, you should wait until your shin splints are completely healed and then return to running.

 Shin splints can be very uncomfortable and do not go away quickly, and can get worst if you ignore this. If your problem gets worse, you must see a doctor. Shin splints can be dangerous if left untreated.

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