10 best running shoes for shin splints and flat feet: Ease your Pain

Do you have flat feet? Or are you searching for comfortable shoes for your flat feet? We are rightly aware of the disturbance you are going through. Runners with flat feet come across many challenges. Incredibly challenging when it comes to the selection of the best shoes for flat feet. One of the significant challenges is Shin splints. This article is going to assist you to find the best running shoes for shin splints and flat feet. 

“Running is an enjoyable form of exercise – but it’s not for everyone. If you have flat feet or shin splints, then running may cause you a lot of pain. This article will go through ten different shoes. That is best for these two types of problematic feet.”

The most common afflictions resulting from running are shin splints and flat feet. The shin splints are the result of the overuse of muscles. Pain links from the big toe to the leg. However, these tend to be an inconvenience to those who want to be active in their life. They can wreak serious havoc for runners who wish for their distance-running days back. The best way for one to manage shin splints is not running at all. Instead, they can get their daily dose of exercise by walking or cycling over short distances.

On the other hand, flat feet cause a different sort of problem: it’s more about pain than anything else. This type of foot comes with arches that are not at all pronounced. The condition is hereditary, and it is a bit tricky to fix without surgical procedures.

Before picking the best running shoes for shin splints and flat feet, there is a need to understand the basic need and structure of flat feet.

Two Kinds of Flat Feet


There are two basic types of flat feet. One is known as automatic flat feet, which is natural. While the other is due to damage to arch muscles. Both are very similar in appearance. But not at the time of buying shoes for flat feet, the requirements are widely different. One needs arch support until it gets strong support from the arch. In contrast, the automatic flat foot needs help with the leg’s knees, hips, and motion.

How we have finalized for  you the best running shoes for flat feet:

We, as a team, have come across the best running shoes for shin splints and flat feet after connecting with experienced runners from all over the world. They are from different backgrounds, running styles, and foot shapes. Their input, customer feedback, and more research helped us analyze. To narrow down our list of the excellent running shoes best for flat feet. We’re convicted that this list will give you the stability, comfort, and all the support you need.

best shoes for flat feet and shin splints
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best running shoes for shin splints and flat feet
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Brooks Dyad 11 best running shoes for shin splints and flat feet
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Let’s have a look at their features in detail:

1. ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 26 Running Shoes

 Brooks Women's Transcend 6 Running Shoe best running shoes for shin splint and flat feet

In our opinion, these are the shoes outlined for flat feet women. In fact, for Flat foot runners, women. They are 100 percent of synthetic and mesh material.  ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 26 Running shoes are the best running shoes for shin splints and flat feet. The sole is made of rubber. The rubber sole brings more stability to the motion steps.

asics gel kyano shoes

The cushioning used is of new technology with improved for comfortable wearing. A full-length SpevaFoam 45 material makes them comfortable and is in these best running shoes for flat feet. The pair of shoes is lightweight, so it does not exert pressure on the feet. The foam present brings in great energy to the feet. Moreover,  bounce technology provides a unique elastomer compound and is less expensive and convenient for many people to buy.


  • Light Weight
  • Less Expensive


  • Few complaints about torn-off.

2. Brooks Women’s Transcend 6 Running Shoe

best brooks running shoes

Brooks has their new addition of these running shoes. They are in particular made in the USA. The sole is of women’s shoes, and this provides the runner the best support to the feet. The Guide rails give the customer full consent, and it is providing a comfortable feeling after miles. DNA Loft cushioning has the best cushioning of the shoe. The softness is luxurious enough that it feels a natural softness under the feet.

In contrast to that, it also does not lose its long-lasting value. Moreover, the new sock liner known as orthoLite adds in more comfort. The mesh up inside is engineered and provides 3D fit print technology. The technology is to expand the feet in your direction in the shoe. The internal stretch is comfortable enough.

It can not damage the inner muscles. Brooks claims that they have transferred their focus from the feet to the other part of the leg. Those are more prone to injury. The American Board of Podiatric Medicine podiatrists has also recommended these shoes. Particularly for midfoot stability and cushioning for runners with flat feet. The most crucial benefit is shock absorption.  The boots also come in a wide width to fit a variety of sizes comfortably.


  • Super Soft Cushioning
  • Best for Flat feet
  • Light Weight.


  • A bit wide in size can be a problem for Narrow feet.


3. SAUCONY Men’s TRIUMPH 18 Road Running Shoe

3. SAUCONY TRIUMPH 18 best running shoes for shin splints and flat feet

The  Saucony Triumph 18 is among the latest designs of the brand. They have incorporated well-cushioned in a new direction to their current outcome. Saucony always has a lightweight and technically fit shoes. In addition to that, now they have introduced a raised cushioning in your shoes. The shoes are well managed if it’s flexible, have shock absorption, and provide the best comfort

. The Triumph line of shoes always provides the best cushioning and might be at the top in the market. Its 18th edition has also well maintained the flexibility and the comfort level. The major upgrade in the shoe is the change of the outsole and midsole. There is a total length of support in the midsole of PWRRUN. That makes the sole more tough, flexible, and softer. These qualities bring help to the flat feet muscles. 

We are talking about the upper surface. The stretch is because of the FORM FIT features and custom fit also. 

These are good running shoes for shin splints and flat feet, recommended. The reasons are because it has extra cushioning and a stable sole. That provides the heel at the uneven surface and prevents the shin splints. 


  • Well-cushioned shoe
  • Increased rebound and response


  • Supportive without collapsing


4. ASICS GEL-NIMBUS 23 best running shoes for shin splints and flat feet

ASICS has introduced this new model that is lighter than the previous ones.  Asics Gel-Nimbus 23 is no exception to its collection. This version included a breathable mesh upper surface. The FlyteFoam is present in the midsole, making it the perfect support for flat feet.

There are two kinds of flyte foam present. One is lightweight, and flyte foam propel helps us to run efficiently and run forwardly. The shock absorption technique is at its best compared to the rest of the brands. The sole outer properties have also changed, and now the consumption of plastic is less. The flex because of the less plastic concentration the flux has improved in the midfoot area. These shoes are gender-specific, and flex is adjusted accordingly. The ASICS shoes have incredible support to the back of the shoes. The upper of the shoes are recycled material and are environmentally friendly.


  • Perfect raise cushioning
  • Better for narrow feet


  • Wide feet may not like heels or tightness


HOKA ONE ONE CLIFTON 7 best running shoes for shin splints and flat feet

Shin splints or flat feet are not letting you for running long distances, it’s time for investing in the best shoes for flat feet. And choose Hoka One One Clifton 7. It is the comfiest version to date.

The firm cushioning and high arches provide more durability/ strength for heavier runners. But the cushioning delivers a soft feel with a soft lining orthopod line. These properties help to avoid muscle injuries, and with good shoes, you can enjoy running in. The sweat absorption helps in targeting bacteria. The lower or flat feet at the middle foot are advanced. These are suitable for wide-width feet. Hoka decides to add new widths to this edition of the shoe.


  • a lightweight shoe
  • arch support
  • Absorbent sock liner


  • No extra stability

6. Saucony Women’s Guide 13

Saucony Women's Guide 13 best running shoes for shin splints and flat feet

The material is made of 100 percent synthetic material and meshes on the upper side of the shoe. The material is imported and made in the USA. Rob Schwab, PT, DPT, CIDN, and Oxford Physical Therapy have recommended the Saucony Guide 13.

Saucony shoes provide some support through the arch for the weak muscles as well.  As per our experience, wearing these shoes only gives you a feeling made for me.

saucony shoes for flat feet and shin splint

These are durable and stable shoes. They are lightweight shoes and are comfortable for any range of shapes of feet. The total weight is 9.3oz (264g). It’s a good pair of every step to feel-good runs.


  • Durable
  • Light Weighted


  • Expensive

7. Brooks Dyad 11

Brooks Dyad 11 best running shoes for shin splints and flat feet

Brooks introduces these shoes that have a wider edge for foot size. Those runners who have a heavier weight have the option to choose one. They are called roomy toe boxes. I feel like a home situation is happening in the shoe. Same for those who have flat feet complaints. They have a good option now. The midsole is straight and provides support for the feet. Brooks Dyad 11 is the best for Injury-prone and injured runners. 

It has enough space to accommodate orthotics and a solid one for walkers, as well. The shoe weighs around 11.6 oz, while the heel is 10 mm high—the imported materials such as the sole of the shoe of rubber sole. The rubber sole has excellent shock absorbent technology resulting in not exerting pressure on the muscles. Brooks Dyad 11 is certified by PDAC A5500for Diabetic shoes. That grants the APMA Seal of Acceptance for the best flat feet shoes. These shoes protect you from joint injuries and prevent serious injuries as well. The arch present there is called Dual Arch Pods.

Meanwhile, helping instability, a comprehensive platform, and a neutral stride type of shoes. The Sockliner adds value to further cushioning for a plush-in-shoe feel. These are suitable for gyms, Roads, and flat surfaces.


  • Best for diabetics
  • Light Weighted


  • Wide not suitable for narrow feet.
  • Bulky feel

8. Mizuno Wave Inspire 16

Mizuno Wave Inspire 16 best ruunig shoes for shin splints and flat feet

What do Best running shoes for shin splints and Flat feet in particular mean? Specifically, the stability and those that are also uncomfortable, especially while running. Mizuno has designed these shoes to balance between support and comfort. The Shock absorption is from the toe to the midsole and heel. Each step is without fear—no shocks to the muscles and no injuries.

The midsole has a perfect soft lining. To impact the softness and transition the initial foot impact and landing steps. Resulting in minimizing the stress on the feet, avoiding damage to the structure. The sole of the shoes is of rubber. The arch is low-top in between. The best running shoes for shin splints and flat feet for long-distance running. The sock lining has increased the cushioning for the shoes.

Moreover, the shoes are light and have smooth ride support waves. The upper mesh surface is soft and has new technological engineered material. The outsole is made of X 10 and increases its durability.


  • Innovatively light
  • Well-cushioned
  • Resilient


  • Not for lengthy distance shoe

9. New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo v4

shoes for flat feet and shin splints

New balance has fresh foam articles that are 50 percent synthetic while 50 percent are made of mesh. The sole of the shoes is of rubber material that brings stability to your footsteps. The availability of Fresh Foam properties provides smoothness within the best running shoes for shin splints and flat feet.  The Vongo v4, Fresh Foam running shoe offers the best of both worlds’ in smoothness and stability. 

However, Toe protection is the essential key to the product. This protects the muscles from running on hard surfaces, rocks, roots, or on and off the road. The best running shoes are lightweight and provide lightweight cushioning—the NB Soft + Supportive Insert for memory comfort last to every step. 

The New Balance Vongo V4 is for outdoor activities and running trails. The outlook is stylish and gives an aesthetic look to your feet. These running shoes also encourage you for an elegant look that fits in with your active lifestyle. The Variances created in the development and manufacturing processes are the initiative to change the measurement to 8 mm drop.


  • Light Weighted
  • It comes in various colors
  • Stable and smooth


  • Little bit expensive

10.  Saucony Echelon 8

Saucony Echelon 8 best running shoes for shin splints and flat feet

Echelon 8 has been one of the best choices among the Runners with flat feet, shin splints, and low arches. Best running shoes for shin splints and flat feet shoe’s sole is made of rubber. They are providing stability in the sole and footsteps and avoid injuries to the muscles.  

Neutral shoe support has little arch support. While a more comprehensive platform through the midsole and forefoot. The  Echelon cushioning and durability are of high quality. 

The New PWRRUN cushioning provides perfect softness and a springy level. It is a more responsive feel to run for miles and miles of comfort. Many orthotics have recommended they are as stable as ever. They have given it the status of a rugged shoe. The Formfit construction provides a comfortable fit and cushioning volumizing the feet. The upper material of the shoe is recyclable and environmentally friendly. 

The heel of the shoes is of a new 3 D style. In short, the shoe provides a protective foot to the feet and the runner as well. Echelon 8 greets you with good cushioning comfort, a balanced and stable ride, and a secure fit for injuries.

Is using orthotics in your running shoes healthy?

What is Orthotics? How effective is it? Orthotics are shoe or heel inserts you put in your shoes to help manage specific pains and injuries—likewise, such as heel pain, general foot discomfort, arch pain, and plantar fasciitis. 

Orthotics are tailor-made and designed according to your particular demand. Before buying the best running shoes for shin splints and flat feet, These are made specifically for your issue. At the same time, different brands maybe are more generic but often less expensive.

Dr. Adam Bitterman says a flat-footed runner should use orthotics. It is a highly contradicted topic.

“The data does not provide evidence for orthotics in patients without significant symptoms,” 

Orthotics plays a significant role in scenarios like pain and discomfort with walking.

Final Verdict:

If you have flat feet, you know that running is impossible for you since the act involves so much weight put on your leg, which is essentially horizontal when running – and also a great deal of force to put on your joints. Because of this, you have to be content with walking and light jogging if your feet are also flat. Being flat feet is not a crime. It is durable and can easily survive with it. 

Walking is a perfect exercise. It is, so you shouldn’t feel at all discouraged over your less-than-ideal feet. The best thing you can do is go for good-quality, low-priced shoes if you have flat feet. These shoes will provide enough padding to distribute forces equally between your feet and lower body without putting them under any undue strain.

Runners with flat feet will significantly benefit from going for a slightly wider pair of shoes, which will give your foot room to move around without feeling cramped. The extra space will also allow more air. They are resulting in the blood circulating.   

The blood circulation is in between your toes, thus relieving some of the pressure there.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

The answer is, unfortunately, yes. The flat feet lead to pronation. Medically, the term is called Tibial Stress Syndrome (MTSS). When the heel strikes the land, the position of flat feet inwards rolls.  The inward rolling causes the tibia to twist, and injury happens there.

We have given our selection in the article above. According to the recommendation of Healthline’s picks, these are the best

  • Asics Gel-Kayano 26.
  • Brooks Transcend 6.
  • Brooks Dyad 10.
  • Saucony Guide 13.
  • HOKA ONE ONE Arahi 4.

Shin splints disease reasons are due to the overload of the muscles. If the shoes were torn or the cushioning is not comfortable enough. It can lead to the injury of the lower leg muscles.

The flat feet occur when there are weak muscles in the arc and ankles. By running bare feet, these muscles might get more muscular. So it’s suitable for a flat feet runner to run bare feet.

It is better to consult your trainer for this type of query because this may vary according to feet, shape, and size.

The first step is to stand straight now slightly bend both your knees together.  Now slightly curl your feet while the other remains on the ground. Hold this position for 20-30 seconds and press the toe of the curled feet towards the floor.

Tips to avoid shin splint

  • Choose good running shoes for flat feet.
  • Get motion control shoes for the flat feet.
  • Try to exercise on soft surfaces.
  • Strengthen your hip and lower leg muscles.
  • Have a look at your weight
  • Take care of your feet and arch

If you acquire proper rest and exercise according to your feet type, it is well. Select the best shoes for flat feet.  Treat at the time of symptoms, do not ignore them.

Yes, flat feet can cure with surgery, but it depends on the conditions of the muscles. The surgery helps you to maintain foot alignment. Moreover, it helps in weight distribution.

Don’t stop completely, but do give it a break. Over leading of exercise must increase the pain. Get shoes suitable for flat feet. Run or walk half of your practice until it heals. Try wearing compression socks for support.

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