Best running shoes for Shin Splints and High Arches

Searching for good shoes that are comfortable in any way is a difficult task. The search for the best running shoes for high arches becomes more crucial. We are here to help you. This article is going to help you understand the high arches and shin splints. In addition to that, we can identify the best running shoes for shin splints and high arches. 

Now the question arises of what exactly the high arches are. What are the causes, and what are the consequences for runners. Pin the articles and know about the details. Forget the hustle of selecting the best running shoes for shin splints and high arches.

This article will discuss the different factors that runners should take into consideration when shopping for running shoes. These include shin splints, high arches, pronation, and foot type. It also offers suggestions on which brands have proven to be best for each of these.

Buying Advice for Best running shoes for shin splints and High Arches


Shoes are a runner’s most important gear because they can help avoid injuries and improve performance in some cases (we’ll get to those in a moment), so knowing what you should be looking for is key to finding the perfect pair of shoes. That said, it can be difficult for anyone without experience buying running shoes on their own with little guidance.

For those of you into sports, you may know that it’s imperative to have a well-fitting pair of shoes. When you buy a pair, you should have already researched the brand and style that works best for your feet. If all goes well, then you’ll never have to think about running shoes again. But let’s face it: not everyone is athletic and injury-free. Some people are just trying to run for their health or shed pounds. Others are doing so at an advanced level with specific running goals in mind, like competing in marathons or triathlons.

So, for those people, buying a pair of running shoes can be difficult. To make matters worse, running shoes can be expensive. Generally speaking, the higher the shoe’s quality and the more specialized it is for your purpose (e.g., trail versus pavement), the higher the price. So to help you better understand what factors will go into selecting a good pair of shoes that suits your needs best, we’ll cover some of them here.

When buying a new pair of running shoes, you should first consider shin splints (also known as Medial tibial stress syndrome). People with high arches feet problems usually have one or more physical symptoms. These can include corns, calluses, and blisters on the underside of the foot; pain in the big toe joint or ball of the foot; swelling or redness in the forefoot area; restlessness at night due to discomfort from tight shoes.

Some additional consequences can accompany high arches. These include low back pain and leg numbness. Finally, people with high arches may experience an increased risk of osteoarthritis since they have a higher tendency for their knees to buckle inward when they walk or run.

How can we select the best running shoes for shin splints and High Arches:

We have come across a good selection of shoes for you at the suggestion of our team. The list of the best shoes for high arches that will make you comfortable during light jogs, long-distance hauls, casual walks, and times when you’re just standing upright all day.

The best group of runners suggest these on the grounds of their practical experience. These runners are from every age and sector, have different arches, and are flat-footed. Runners have finalized the list according to comfort, stability, style, and support. 

10 best running shoes for shin splints and high arches for both sexes are the following:

 best running shoes for shin splints and high arches
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asics gel-nimbus best running shoes for shin splints and high arches
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best shoes for high arches
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shoes for high arches and shin splints
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HOKA ONE ONE CLIFTON 7 best running shoes for shin splints and high arches
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best runnninmg shoes for shin splints and high arches
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 Brooks Glycerin 19 best running shoes for shin splints and high arches
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Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 best running shoes for high arches and shin splints
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ASICS GEL-CUMULUS 23 best running shoes for shin splints and high arches
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ASICS Men's Gel-Kayano best running shoes for shin splints and high archesLite Running Shoe
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Brooks Ghost13 best running shoes for shin splints and high arches
  • The Best Support and Cushioning
  • Due to Cushinoning best for shin splints
  • Best for Soft Landings, Long Runs, Road Running
asics gel-nimbus best running shoes for shin splints and high arches
  •  Provides excellent cushioning
  • Provide comforts for distance running
  • Most durable
New Balance Fresh Foam best running shoes for shin splints and high arches1080v11
  • Provide luxurious comfort for long run
  • Light and Airy
  • Offer high arch support

1.Brooks Ghost 13

best running shoes for shin splints and high arches

Brooks is the most reliable brand of many customers, who trust it for many years. Ghost 13 was introduced in the market in 2008, so the customers love its soft cushion and reliable arch support.

Now you can have a balanced, soft cushion under your feet with the combination of Biology DNA and super soft DNA loft. In these ways, you can experience zero distraction during your long stride. 

Moreover, its soft midsole, along with a segmented crash pad, is an ideal combination for a full cushion in every step. So don’t take tension of the midfoot and heel-strikes due to the shock-absorbing system. 

Ghost 13 is stable and provides the most secure fit with breathable upper mesh. So no more fears of blisters and wounds on sunny days. 

Another thing if you faced supinate (roll outward), overpronate (roll inward), then ghost 13 are great to consider for neutral gait and more support.

The top choice of every runner provides arch support, so we can say they are perfect for a jog, sprint, jump training, hill runs, on & off the treadmill. And yes, for long-distance road running.

The last suggestion is to order sneakers concerning your exact size to avoid tight-fitting shoes. 

So just do it. You won’t regret it.


  • Best Diabetic shoe with APMA Seal of Acceptance
  • Best for shin splints due to more cushion.
  • Smooth transition from heel to toe.


  • The tongue doesn’t hug the top of the ankle for a long time. 

2. ASICS GEL-Nimbus 23

asics gel-nimbus

Asics came with the new and improved Gel- Nimbus 23 for better comfort and support, hence having worth for extended intervals.

Another thing, FlyteFoam Propel Technology in the midsole makes it prominent than others, like the formation of energetic foam provides more bounce and flexibility.

Along with Trusstic System technology, the sole is lightweight yet provides coherent support to both genders in the right way.

Not only are they durable, but also pretty handsome trainers for a vibrant feeling. They are the most environmentally-friendly shoes that came with the upper furnished with 30% recycled materials. 

Due to Gel technology in the cushion, these Asics sneakers supply more compaction in the heel area. So they proved more absorption and cushion in the forefoot and rearfoot, so less prone to heel shock. 

Moreover, you can assess a stable ride with a smooth transition in long-wearing. So far, so good for knee pain, as Nimbus -23 are the utmost suggestion of physiotherapists for patients who have undergone knee replacement surgery.  

Although they are expensive, they are an exception for arch support and shin splints due to comfort.


  • Most durable yet elastic shoes
  • Many users don’t experience any soreness or stiffness after long runs.
  • Its upper is of a different material: still, it is airy.


  • The toe box is not comprehensive.

3:New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v11

best running shoes for shin splints and high

Many runners with high arches are looking for the utmost comfy running sneakers with more cushion. Thanks to NB for presenting Fresh Foam 1080v11 with added cushion in the heel. Besides, ultra-designed heels don’t touch the ground due to adequate support. You will feel like floating in spring clouds. The tremendous fresh foam reduces the shock around the shin by absorbing the striking effect.

The most notable feature of making it prominent from other shoes is that you can have a more speedy run.

Be energized to walk more with Fresh Foam midsole for lightweight running. Again the sole is ideally improved, so it is better than previous versions. This fantastic Fresh Foam cushioning will absorb the impact and reduce shock on your shin.

Be aware that mesh upper securely wraps your ankles, hence proving cozier and snuggly fit. Inside the shoes, toes are at a distance from hitting inside, so no need to worry about tripping; just focus on more lace tightness to eliminate any slip. Therefore order ½ more than your standard size for mechanical fitting.


  • Padded tongue and a less knitted fabric around the toe box
  • It provides more spring in your routine training hence helpful in relaxing tired muscle leads to comfy shin splint
  • Cushy but with plenty of support underneath under your feet is suitable for high arches


  • it seems heel to toe drop is less than 8mm

4. Saucony Triumph 18

 Good running shoes for shin splints and high arches

Getting a perfect fit trainer for the heavyweight trainer is a huge issue, but Saucony has solved this problem. Triumph is the coziest and safe in terms of injury prevention because it can bear various loads. Plus, the heavy outer look is best to opt for overweight runners.

Get perfection in every step with PWRRUN and a flexible midsole cushion. Despite being a thick foam cushion, they are still 25% lighter.

Although Saucony Triumph 13 are neutral shoes, they are not considered super flexible due to extra thickness. Despite this, they are very stable ones. It is both springy and cushioned along with the FORM FIT system for an incredible custom fit.

The new full XT-900 rubber outsole is excellent for a refined stride that emphasizes more durability and grip. Also, note it has added cushioning and energy return from the onset. The grip levels on damp pavements are outstanding.

Similarly, the heel-toe drop is 8mm, suitable for heel stability and strike.

All in all, Triumph is the best running shoe for long miles of stride.


  • Its cushioned heel delivers comfort to Achilles
  • Less padding around the ankle collar
  • Comfort level is good enough for a heavier runner
  • These shoes have a standard, not aggressive heel, and it fits.
  • Ideal for long trail training and recovery runs


  • Little snug-fitting from the forefoot
  • Run more diminutive than the last version

5. HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 7

shoes for high arches

Do you have any pair of shoes that you don’t want to take off? so you have landed on the right place to find such sneakers for you. Oh yes, Hoke one Clifton 7 is durable for a long time and an ideal partner for your feet. Hence they are lovely for recreational walks as well as for hiking on tricky tracks. 

The Hoka one is lightweight like marshmallows. It feels like flying on the spring clouds.

Moreover, you can have Hoka in more vibrant colors offering vast support and cushion during long runs.

If you have some foot deformities like plantar fasciitis, bunions then hoke one is extremely helpful in resolving these issues. As well as Hoka, one can leave down high arches and shin splints as soon as you put on these.

Indeed they are super cool with the laces that are easy to tight. In addition, the cozy tab for putting on the heel has a protective cushion.

So don’t wait so long to get a new Hoka one, seven running shoes.


  • Best hiking shoes with perfect fit
  • Road shoes for long, slow runs
  • A lot of support and cushion


  • The toe box pinches sometimes

6. Mizuno Wave Sky Waveknit 3 Running Shoe

Mizuno Wave Sky Waveknit 3

Athletes have fully trusted Mizuno since its foundation in 1906. Mizuno waves are known for hand-down comfort levels with not no pain or soreness. They are neutral exotic shoes that are quite helpful in alleviating overpronation.

Mizuno makes it soft and bouncy with the combination of XPOP PU foam and Foam Wave. Thus the cushion is perfect and gentle overall by the ball of the foot. Its unique bounce is supreme for energy transfer from toe to heel with less effort. Similarly, U4icX in the Midsole provides a light yet cushion during the gait. Hence it provides smooth transition underfoot.

The wave knit upper and inner sole is constructed with Breath Thermo clothing which keeps you warm on chill days by absorbing moisture. Also, the arctic touch garments throw out both heat and humidity created during exercise, thus letting you cool on warm and cool days.

Go to the extra miles with the X10 outsole featured with carbon rubber, durable enough for overlong wear. Sockliner is another premium aspect for more comfort.

Perfect for aggressive trails, they are so soft that it feels like running on pillows. Now it’s the time to start a new adventure with Mizuno Waveknit 3.


  • Ultimate Comfort
  • Excellent arch support
  • Resistant to slip due to great traction on the bottom sole
  • Lightweight yet cushiony


  • They are waterproof to some extent, just to go for in light rain
  • Some runners found it tight-fit from heel and midfoot

7. Brooks Glycerin 19

Brooks Glycerin 19 best running shoes for shin splints and high arches

Glycerine 19 is compatible with the runners looking for high pitch comfort. The midsole comprises a DNA LOFT cushion for the smooth heel-to-toe stride.

Brook did not compromise on the durability owing to the mesh upper, and the interior is perfect for stretchable snug fitting of your foot. They are an excellent cure for high aches due to softness and energetic transitions in steps.

An excellent example of craftsmanship is neutral shoes with maximal cushions. For this reason, they are considered superb for long road running, cross-training, and gym workouts as well.

Certainly, Glycerine is the best performing runner because you can’t attain plush transition, and heel-to-toe feel cushion accommodates the tightening muscles and joints….incredible choice for shin splint pains. Likewise, it is helpful in plantar fasciitis, back pain, and knee pain.

Tiptop exact size as mentioned, the heel is almost 1/4-inch wider concerning other brands – unanimous with custom orthotics. 

Anyways, good luck with more comfortable, refined, and ultra-cool Glycerine 19.


  • Shoes are very stable as well as durable
  • Ample cushioning in the Glycerin 19 with the wide toe box 
  • Excellent impact absorption while running. 


  • A little bit tighter around toes for some customers
  • Take exact measurement of your foot before placing an order

8. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Holiday Sparkle Running Shoes 

 best running shoes for shin splints and high arches

 The most iconic brand Nike is offering new Air Zoom shoes from the Pegasus family. Not only are they gorgeous but also very comfortable. Due to cushion ST foam, the runner can have a responsive yet stable cushion.

Upper light mesh equipped with perforation that enhances the breathability around high-heat areas, arch, and forefoot of these shoes. As well as outsole furnishes with a Waffle piston is quite helpful to absorb impact, hence suitable for traction on all kinds of terrains.

Even at fast speed, a midsole made of Exposed Flywire encourages a snug fi. Suitable for a cozy, cool long run. Isn’t it great? Yet superb for a stable stride.

You can have a big cushion in the sole of the heel area. A thin heel collar along with a tongue reduces the excess weight for comfort fit. And, of course, for paramount heel and midsole support. The heel collar is far from the Achilles, so there is the slightest chance of overstretching in this area. 

Another advanced point is the zoom air unit in total length that brings an energetic spring when the foot moves out of the ground. They are available for males and females with 12.0 oz for men and 1.2 Pounds for women.

Overall the sneaker is marvelous. Excellent and very snug.


  • tongue weight is press than the last version
  • More flexible sock liner 
  • Good quality breathable running shoes
  • Least insole and outsole dropping
  • Sockliner with more comfort


  • They run a bit small and narrow
  • Lightweight but not as light as others


 best running shoes for shin splints and high arches

Are you a neutral runner who is dreaming of sneakers with a medium cushion yet comfy one?

Yes… Asics are a miracle for you.

Asics Gel-Cumulus 23 are not only lightweight in cushions but also hold a responsive stride. Besides this, the cushion is responsible for superb impact absorption. So don’t freak out of heel-to-toe shock while moving on uneven, challenging trails.

Moving on, you will never feel them bulky around your foot as FLYTEFOAM Technology turns its cushion light. 

In the midsole, there is 3D Space construction due to which its strike rate is variable for both genders. Hence the pair provides more support specifically for women. Apart from this, the Midsole Drop is 10mm that is excellent for heel-to-toe strikers.

Now Asics came with another unique offer named VIP 90-Day Perfect Fit Promise VIP members. They were offering to use Cumulus for three months, and if they find it, misfit, they can return it. Yeah, it seems good!

Breathable Upper mesh is vital to control extra moisture. Thus your feet remain ultra-cool and fresh.


  • Supportive and Plush fit
  • Super bouncy sole for a smooth transition
  • Most durable go for years
  • Lightweight cushion


  • Some users found it misfit around the heels
  • No extra-wide size

10. ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano Lite Running Shoes

shoes for shin splints and high arches

ASICS is a new pair of shoes with the GEL-KAYANO Lite version with added underfoot comfort and stability that keeps the foot up to avoid toe strike.

They are considered as extra mileage with high speed. Asics AGAR Sponge is another novel spec offering high scrap resistant (AHAR) rubber on the outsole that is smooth and lightweight for a lavish ride, flexible, and soft for an all-day run.

Moreover, its mesh upper is composed of eco-friendly recycled materials. Also, it has small overlays for the desired stability. Its upper fits like the regular Kayano. But the exception is the cushion which is constructed with foam despite gel.

The gel cushion in the fore and rearfoot enhances the bounce, leading to minimizing shock during foot strike. Thus it is a plush fit for a smooth ride along the rough roads, hiking areas.

For more stability, you can insert orthotics that are reasonable for arch support.

What else makes it different is the combo of 3D Space and flyte foam, making it responsive, and a compressed cushion is helpful to overcome inward rolling of the ankle. They are more shock resistant than the traditional shoes

Indeed, they are the best fit running shoes for all.


  • Long miles coverage for all runners
  • You can avail them in versatile colors
  • Durable as well as flexible
  • Made of lightweight, eco-friendly material


  • Not fit for wide feet
  • It’s good to order a half size up to avoid blister

 Analysis of your feet:

Having high arches makes you aware of the other linked problems and injuries. Be mindful of what you are wearing on your feet. The must-have footwear characteristics of outer edges with slight wear along the arch and under the big toe area, you probably have a problem with supination.

Analyze your feet style by visiting your doctor, podiatrist, or sports medicine specialist. For analysis, a close captured video of all the feet parts is made chiefly while walking on the treadmill. The study of three-dimensional images of your feet and ankles is done by x-ray or magnetic resonance imaging equipment. Another method is to use the force plate assessment analysis that tells you how much the force will survive. At the same time, your feet touch the ground. The results help select the right shoes and orthotics to address problems. 

Do Right Insoles Help You in High Arches?

Very high arches can cause extreme pain and injury for runners. It makes your effort useless to eliminate the pain. No matter how hard you try to do it. Finding the right running shoes becomes difficult. But there is always hope. The solution is high arch insoles can come to the rescue.

Suppose you like a neutral shoe but do want to have the style and comfort in the same place. These shoes are combined with a standard running shoe and included a well-chosen high arch support insole. The separate insoles are adjusted in the boots.

In general, the high arch gives injuries and pain, but these insoles provide comfort and proper support to help you avoid pain and injury. Find more of the best insoles for shin splints here.

Insoles With High Arch Support:


  • Enhanced arch height offers support to high arches
  • Extra deep cup
  • Odor Control Coating
  • Natural shock absorption


  • Four different arch heights to choose from
  • It can help relieve Plantar Fasciitis and other foot pain
  • Pure antimicrobial treatment
  • Replaceable top covers


  • Extra cushioning
  • Deep heel cup
  • Hydrologix™ technology for moisture-wicking
  • Supports high arches

FAQ’s-Frequently Asked Questions

You want to know the exact answers. Feet with High arches means that they have less flexibility. The tall curves do not need much support. But the shoes with ideal cushioning help in the best running shoes for shin splints and high angles. These need ample cushioning and less support for high arches. So they implement forces on landing.

Unfortunately, the answer is Yes. Those people who have high arches are more exposed to injuries. The overuse of the muscles causes that by workouts or distance running. 

The plantar fasciitis and shin splints are usually caused by excessive strain or stress on muscles called metatarsals. Moreover, the contact of the high arch is less contact with the ground. The distribution of pressure is unequal in that case. Resulting in “supination” or “under-pronation”. The symptoms are not clear at the start, but later they change to pain in the feet and running towards your whole body. 

It might be that people are born with high arches. These are developed in the genes also. There are chances that it’s created later on by other factors such as your lifestyle and the different auras you live. To know your exact situation, consult a podiatrist. Things will be clear from the examination.

The query arises that what type of arches are dangerous towards the shin splints more often. The Flat feet are more prone to them than the high arches. The increased changes are due to the overuse of muscles and exercise. Those who have arches can absorb shocks more. 

In particular, the best running shoes for shin splints and high arches are ideal for both men and women. The list will show a unisex collection.

  • New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v11.
  • ASICS GEL-Nimbus 23
  • Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21
  • Brooks Glycerin GTS 19.
  • Mizuno Wave Inspire 16 Waveknit Road Running Shoe.
  • HOKA One One Arahi 5.
  • Hoka One One Clifton 7.

Mainly the runners with high arches have more tendency towards bone-related injuries, more like shin splints. Or the major can be the stress fractures in the shin and foot. Those who have low arches or flat feet have soft joints and tissues. Run with a limit. Do not tire yourself. 

Walking Barefoot therapy for your feet.; those who have high arches must wear barefoot shoes. Barefoot walking develops better walking and running gait. It builds good foot strength. 

In general, the most common solutions for high arches are:

  • Orthotic devices. 
  •  Particular shoes, like high-tops, can lend support, help correct the way you walk, and relieve pain.
  • Braces for your feet
  • Surgery.

Different factors often cause the Cavus foot. These can be a neurologic disorder or other medical condition. Such as cerebral palsy, Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, spina bifida, polio, muscular dystrophy, or stroke. In other cases of cavus foot, the high arch may also represent an inherited structural abnormality.

The better treatment of high arches can vary. The important thing is to know the leading cause and severity of the condition. Non-surgical options, including the Custom orthotic devices, are inserted into a shoe to correct the foot position and provide arch support.

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